Requirements for Tenancy

  • In order to protect the prospective tenant as well as the company, H. E. Reinert Holdings Corporation requires that rental applications be filled out in person with a member of our staff. H. E. Reinert Holdings Corporation will not ask a prospective tenant for deposits without an accompanying application.
  • Each applicant must fill out the rental application completely, including current and past addresses, and landlord references as well as income information.
  • Each applicant will provide H. E. Reinert Holdings Corporation with a written employment reference from their current employer stating their position, length of employment, salary/rate of pay, hours worked per week, and the name and contact telephone number for their supervisor.
  • Along with their application, the prospective tenant will provide H. E. Reinert Holdings Corporation with a rent deposit equal to one month’s rent, as well as a cheque for the first month’s rent dated for the first day of their rental period. If the beginning of the lease is less than 10 days from the date of the application, then the accompanying first and last month deposits must be in the form of a money order.
  • At the required buildings, a prospective tenant may not occupy the premises until the head office of H. E. Reinert Holdings Corporation has received written confirmation of tenant insurance reflecting the commencement date of the lease. All applications will be considered incomplete until a valid insurance policy has been submitted.
  • All applicants will be subject to a credit history investigation.
  • H. E. Reinert Holdings Corporation reserves the right to refuse any application due to any false or misleading statements made by applicant(s).
  • Providing false information is a criminal offence.
  • If any of the above requirements are not met, all related applications will be considered incomplete.


  • All rent is due and payable in full on the first day of each and every month of the tenancy. No exceptions.
  • All rents to be paid by certified or personal cheque, money order, or Interac e-transfer. No cash accepted.

NSF Charges

  • There will be an administrative fee of $20.00 for any cheque returned for any reason from the tenant’s bank. All returned cheques must be replaced with a money order or certified cheque within two business days.


  • The leaseholder agrees not to allow the rental unit to be occupied by persons other than those who are listed on the Residential Rental Agreement and will advise the landlord if they intend to make any change to the occupants.
  • Unauthorized occupants will be subject to eviction proceedings.


  • The tenant(s) may be given a notice of termination of tenancy if the tenant or a guest of a tenant willfully or negligently causes undue damage to the rental suite or anywhere else on the property.
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