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Get a feel for our apartment requirements and rules.

See Our Apartment Policy for Ottawa Common Property

H.E. Reinert Holdings Corporation provides our tenants with a number of life-enhancing features for common property, such as balconies, common areas, elevators, garbage and recycling, storage lockers, and utilities. And to make sure we can continue to provide these features with the best quality possible, we have an apartment policy for Ottawa common property. To learn more, take a look at the following sections of our policy.


  • Tenants shall not use the balcony area for the storage of items such as bicycles, empty boxes, and sports equipment. It is the responsibility of the tenant to keep the balcony area clean and free of unsightly clutter.

  • No tenant shall hang laundry or mats from any balcony.

  • At no time shall any tenant, family members, guests, visitors, servants, clerks, or agents throw anything off any balcony as it is acknowledged that such activity is a serious impairment of other persons' safety. 

  • Items such as flags and satellite dishes are not permitted on any balcony or balcony railing.

  • Pet feces and urine causes damage to balconies. Pet owners are not permitted to allow their animals to use the balcony as a bathroom.

Common Areas

  • All residents are required to wear appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, in all common areas of the residential complex.

  • Smoking is not permitted in any common area of the residential complex as per City of Ottawa By-Law 2001-148 (parking garages and laundry areas included).

  • Personal items such as door mats, boots, umbrellas, baby strollers, and shopping carts shall not be left in any common area, including stairwells as per the Ottawa Fire Department.


  • Service elevators are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • A three-hour time limit will be imposed for the use of any service elevator on any day.

  • Use of service elevators must be completed by 9:00pm on any day.

Garbage and Recycling

  • All garbage is to be wrapped, tied, and placed into the garbage chute. 

  • Any garbage or debris too large to fit into any garbage chute shall be transported by the tenant to the designated area.

  • Cat litter must be bagged and tied securely prior to placing it in any garbage chute.

  • Items to be recycled are to be placed in the appropriate recycling container located on the property.

Storage Lockers

  • At the request of the tenant, and based on availability, the tenant will be issued one storage locker. Tenants are to supply their own lock to secure the storage locker. 

  • H. E. Reinert Holdings Corporation accepts no responsibility for any theft, loss, or damage to any personal property in any storage locker, however caused.

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